• how old are you ? i am 33 years old.
    were do you live? i live in Canada .
    Do you speak any languages besides english? English with a bit of bastard french.
    What characters are you planning on applying with?

    Why are you leaving your current corporation? Are you leaving on good terms?
    i plan on leaving toons in my wh as the same time as pvping with your corporation.

    Do you have any previous experience in a small gang setting? If so, what roles did you fly?
    small gang/ fleet fc. not looking to fc fleets. just want to small gang pvp with a few people

    How do you plan to make ISK during your time in Full Broadside?
    i make to much isk in wh space to justify taking all of my toons out and bring them to null sec
    Technically im not..... looking for something different to do and another group to play with when the wh life gets boring

    Link a small-gang ship you enjoy flying. Discuss some of the limitations of this ship, how it could be complemented in a gang, and its strengths
    what role can i play in a small gang fleet...... everything. what i like to do anti tackle ONI, orthrus

    Link a really embarrassing lossmail. Walk us through how it happened and what it taught you about the mechanic you died to, or improved your overall game knowledge?

    i tackled a rorqual held it till they brought a fleet then i proceeded to fight them. got bad role on drugs that messed with my armour repair. ended up burning it out which is why i died. i would not change anything cause id wind up doing it all again

    Link a fit that you would take out in a small fleet if you had 20 pilots. Explain what ships you would bring to support it (logi, webs, links, etc, but you don't need to post fits for them.)
    i would never take out a fleet of 20 pilots. the most i would like to take out would be 7-9.

    2 anti tackle, webs, 2-3 tackle, 2-3 high dps oracles. i would walk right into there staging systems and say come fight us. kite back and spread them out and kill them one by one

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    Not sure if that counts as an embarrassing lossmail but otherwise sure

    How do you feel about the Kikimora, and how many should be in a gang?

  • You haven't responded to this in 5 days and I reached out to you on Discord and received no response. Gonna go ahead and lock this one. Let me know if you ever come back.

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