application karma becker

  • [Application] (Your Character Name)

    Fill out the following questions:
    A) General Info

    How old are you? i am 34
    Where do you live? france
    Do you speak any languages besides English? french and a little bit of portugese
    What characters are you planning on applying with? If transferred, please include dates./ only mine
    B) Pilot Overview

    Why are you leaving your current corporation? Are you leaving on good terms?
    Do you have any previous experience in a small gang setting? If so, what roles did you fly?
    How do you plan to make ISK during your time in Full Broadside? i was a spy for some corp but they say my work was not good enough for them this don't have any experience on gang setting,and I plan on making money by mining pvp missions and pve
    C) Fitting/Ship Theory [Fittings in EFT format]

    Link a small-gang ship you enjoy flying. Discuss some of the limitations of this ship, how it could be complemented in a gang, and its strengths.
    Link a really embarrassing lossmail. Walk us through how it happened and what it taught you about the mechanic you died to, or improved your overall game knowledge?
    Link a fit that you would take out in a small fleet if you had 20 pilots. Explain what ships you would bring to support it (logi, webs, links, etc, but you don't need to post fits for them.)

  • Members

    You didn't fill out most of the application

  • You didn't fill out 90% of the application and admitted to being a spy. Gonna have to lock and archive this one. Good luck chief.

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