Full Broadside Application Template

  • Ensure you've reviewed our requirements for joining.

    Create a new thread in this forum in the following format: [Application] (Your Character Name)

    Fill out the following questions:
    A) General Info

    1. How old are you?
    2. Where do you live?
    3. Do you speak any languages besides english?
    4. What characters are you planning on applying with? If transferred, please include dates.

    B) Pilot Overview

    1. Why are you leaving your current corporation? Are you leaving on good terms?
    2. Do you have any previous experience in a small gang setting? If so, what roles did you fly?
    3. How do you plan to make ISK during your time in Full Broadside?

    C) Fitting/Ship Theory [Fittings in EFT format]

    1. Link a small-gang ship you enjoy flying. Discuss some of the limitations of this ship, how it could be complemented in a gang, and its strengths.
    2. Link a really embarrassing lossmail. Walk us through how it happened and what it taught you about the mechanic you died to, or improved your overall game knowledge?
    3. Link a fit for a small fleet composition that you would take out in a fleet if you had 20 pilots. Explain what ships you would bring to support it (logi, webs, links, etc, but you don't need to post fits for them.)

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