Application: Carthelan Endare

  • A) General Info

    25 years old
    Carthelan Endare and Not Carth. The others I have are a meme mission runner and basically a jita alt
    B) Pilot Overview

    I'm one of the recruitment officers for MCAV and we're still friendly. There've just been issues for a while. We've had most of our really good pilots win eve and then a bunch of pilots who really just don't care about learning to fly well.
    Yea I flew tons of small gang shit with Tim Nering for the almost 2 years I flew with him.
    I generally J space rat with leshaks, huff and react, PI, etc.
    C) Fitting/Ship Theory [Fittings in EFT format]

    [Keres, FC I cant Ctrl-click]
    Small Ancillary Armor Repairer
    Federation Navy 200mm Steel Plates
    Damage Control II

    Remote Sensor Dampener II
    Remote Sensor Dampener II
    Remote Sensor Dampener II
    Coreli A-Type 5MN Microwarpdrive
    Republic Fleet Warp Disruptor

    Auto Targeting System I
    125mm Gatling AutoCannon II

    Small Ionic Field Projector II
    Small Ionic Field Projector II

    Hobgoblin II x2

    Barrage S x1000
    Nanite Repair Paste x200
    Targeting Range Dampening Script x6
    Agency 'Overclocker' SB5 Dose II x2
    Standard Mindflood Booster x2

    One problem I had with the standard Keres fit with the ionic/inverted rigs was when I started thinking about damp wars and potentially coming across multiple Ewar ships against our gang. I make a dirty spreadsheet and found that swapping to double ionic gave almost no loss to strength because of the slower rate of falloff. It also helps cuck people who're smart and sit BEHIND their fleet when they're starting to string out. Say for example you're sitting just inside non heated point range with a keres. Their logi can get to within 50 of the isolated ship and start landing reps. Scimis are fucking common and they can land decent reps at 50, but you can damp them out when they're basically 80k out, which cucks the entirety of their existence.

    But for the fleet you just need some normal anti-tackle, dps, and an inty or two.

    We were fighting this weird ass 3 way with test and phorde. I had been damping out test's logi while did the normal of picking off tackle and such. Phorde caracals would jump in, I'd damp out the ones red boxing me, we'd kill some, take some damage, and then dip. Well eventually some guy in a sleip found a braincell and refit to info links and they locked me faster than they had been previously and popped me when I wasn't keeping my transversal up because I was burning in for a point and didn't expect the faster lock.

    I'm not even going to attempt to answer this question because outside of my one null bloc experience I've flown with MCAV which was just get a base nano fleet and then when nerds finally came on we threw more oracles at the situation until it went away.

  • Thanks for applying! My only question has to do with your corp history. You were in Star Frontiers (or SF-related corps for nearly 5 years and racked up a grand total of 58 kills. Were you not active in PVP during this time?

  • Oh god no I barely played during that time. Most of that I was unsubbed and they never purged and when I came back I almost quit right away. I didn't start really playing until I went into wormholes and joined a random C4 corp and then moved onto MCAV

  • Can you reach out to me on Discord? I'm away from home for a few days. @Timoxa (Cameron)#2684

  • @timoxazero invite sent

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