Full Broadside Requirements

  • Ship Requirements
    Fly 1 of: Nightmare, Loki, Huginn, Lachesis, Tengu
    Fly 1 of: Sacrilege, Guardian, Zarmazd, Loki, Legion
    Fly 1 of: Sleipnir, Basilisk, Loki
    Preferably fly a Sabre or a cyno recon on an alt!

    If you believe you have experience or the ability to fly that may outweigh these requirements, feel free to contact a recruiter privately.

    Pilot Requirements

    • General PVP knowledge. Mastery is not required but you should at least know your way around a grid.
    • Novice understanding of game mechancics
    • Ability to communicate using a microphone over Teamspeak, and speak/write in English
    • Self-sufficiency with ISK! We can help you get setup with something to make you money but there is no organized corp PVE.

    Things that will get you noticed:

    • The ability to multibox in fleets
    • The ability to manually pilot
    • The ability to fly support ships proficiently independent of an FC
    • Multiple useful alts
    • Combat capital pilots

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